Our Vision

Networks and the ability to cooperate in highly complex patterns brought human civilization to the incredible accomplishments we are lucky to be witnessing.

Cooperation requires trust. Over millennia, the model of trust in society has undergone several stages of evolution. Originating as trust in personal relationships, it has progressed towards trust in authorities and institutions. Today, the third wave of this evolution is surging. Recent breakthroughs in science and technology have made it possible to conduct direct interactions between large groups of people reliably via electronic communication and sophisticated cryptographic protocols.

Zero-knowledge technologies allow untrusted parties to prove their integrity though the strict protocol that does not need game-theoretical assumptions. Trust can now be built based on strong mathematical guarantees instead of social interactions or third party arbiters.

Matter Labs is committed to remove interaction obstacles between untrusted parties. We’re building secure, scalable, programmable, privacy-preserving applications with zero-knowledge technologies.