Trustless scalability
    and privacy

    Unchaining Ethereum with
    Zero-Knowledge Proofs.


    To accomplish their mission, blockchains must be usable by millions

    Public blockchains were invented to tackle some of society's hardest issues. Their success depends on the ability to meet the needs of millions of users — by solving three challenges:


    Lacking a tech breakthrough, previous scaling solutions led to increased centralization and shaky trust assumptions.


    Bitcoin is Twitter for your bank account. Millions will only be onboarded when their privacy is guaranteed.

    Meeting UX

    In the age of convenience, users are pampered. They want everything, now. Embrace it or lose them.


    Zero-knowledge proofs
    offer unforgeable
    guarantees of
    computational integrity.

    Zero-knowledge proofs (ZKP) are today’s most cutting edge cryptographic protocols. Unique properties of ZKP enable preserving privacy and ensuring succinct verifiability of large computations by relying on pure math.

    At Matter Labs, we are working at the frontier of research in zero-knowledge proofs. Learn more about the ZKP science and technology in our blog.

    ZK Sync: secure, trustless, fast scaling and privacy engine for Ethereum

    Combining Matter Labs’ deep expertise in zero-knowledge proofs with our obsession over superb UX, we are building ZK Sync: 100% trustless scaling and privacy solution with an emphasis on:



    Developer Experience

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    Matter Labs’ mission is to accelerate the mass adoption of public blockchains.

    Our company started out of scientific curiosity, the joy of engineering, and a deep conviction: the most impactful way to improve the world today is to provide an open and free alternative to its existing, deeply flawed financial system.

    All our work is open-source.

    We are always looking for talented engineers and cryptographers to join our world-class team.

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